Kerlyne Liberus

Singer / Songwriter

Colorfully dynamic, wonderfully expressive and with a voice capable of strengthening our ties with God, Kerlyne Liberus's brand of Gospel has helped light up the hearts of many. For Kerlyne, she believes that music is her gift from God, and her way of spreading God’s word to others. Above all, she aims to heal people through music, and inspire them to take positive action.

The Sewell, New Jersey-based artist brings her Haitian heritage to the table, enriched by her Christian upbringing that saw her live in New York and New Jersey. Growing up, Kerlyne would watch her father play the accordion and sing with his group, ‘Les Freres Unis’. This inevitably catalyzed her love for singing and performing, quickly leading to her singing in her children’s group at church. It wasn’t long before she was singing her own solo parts and partaking in high-school events.

Check out her new single "You're Good To Me"